Know Us

Joal is an online fashion jewelry store that abodes a plethora of high quality Sterling Silver jewelry and accessories with strikingly exquisite designs. We offer a unique shopping experience at distinctively affordable rates, making Joal a one stop destination for those who like to groom and enhance their style quotient with jewelry as stunning and pleasing as them.


What exactly do we have to offer?


We position ourselves as a complete jewelry and accessories online store catering to both men and women with excelling and unique products. Aiming at the style conscious and spruce generation of the modern times, we offer not just pieces of jewelry but an extension to their exclusive personalities. Joal specifically makes jewelry for every day and travel wear, helping you make any given day an occasion.

So, what makes us shine a little brighter among other brands? It’s the uniqueness and quality of our jewelry collections. We manufacture our products in-house giving extra and rather strict attention to quality control. Our rich sterling silver pieces are fabricated using the Nano coating technique, which is a reason why our pieces bear that immaculate finish on them. This also makes the jewelry anti-tarnish and last even if worn every day.


What we aim to achieve?


We believe that accessorizing is a way to confidence and style, meant especially for the young working generation. From handpicked pieces in poignant shades to the vibrant ones, we have the right jewelry that can define your mood for the day and add an aura that compliments your presence, making a regal statement. Bringing together timeless jewelry and touches of modern touches, our meticulously crafted collection is within your means while high on worth. Redefined Elegance, that's precisely what you can expect at